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Solution The Contemporary Stair Choice

Solutions Range

Solution Solution Newel Cap
Solution Handrail Connector
Solution Base Connector
Solution Spindles
Solution Newel Post
Solution Handrail
Solution Baserail

Solution combines the warm and traditional feel of timber handrails and newel posts but offers a unique modern look by introducing sleek, modern chrome Stair Spindles, Handrail Connectors and Newel Post Caps. Solution Stair Spindles have been specially designed to follow the same sleek lines as the extremely popular Stop Chamfer style of Stair Spindles featuring chamfered edges which give the spindles a modern, yet simple design.

Solution Stairparts have been designed for easy and straight forward installation. The Solution Handrail Connectors allow you to quickly install the Stair Handrails without resorting to mortise and tenon joints or drilling of holes to facilitate the use of a handrail bracket. The Solution spindles screw directly to the handrails / baserails using ABS plastic brackets eliminating the need to cut the spindles to the angle of the staircase.