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Wood is a great renewable resource and, if managed sensitively, the extraction of timber is not detrimental to the global environment. Our natural solid timber is organic, non-toxic, recyclable and biodegradable. The manufacture of stair components from wood requires less energy than those made from steel or aluminium, meaning less carbon dioxide in the environment.

Minimising our Ecological Impact

Midland Stairparts strives to minimise our ecological impact without compromising our high-quality standards.

We are dedicated to minimising our pollution; we have a filtration system on our plant, a green space area on site and are sensitive to the surrounding environment in our rural area. We recycle most of our waste, sending wood shavings to pet bedding suppliers and heating our own factory using our on-site biomass boiler. This helps minimise our energy consumption. A new insulated roof and solar panel project is also planned for increased energy savings.